Data Mining SQLIO Results

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  • I have been using SQLIO as a tool to estimate storage performance capacity for a few years. Its a great tool - really flexible and powerful. The biggest cost for me has been analyzing results. For my tests I don't do anything fancy. But I do need to analyze results easily & quickly, to compare one storage subsystem/RAID Array/SAN against another.

    So, I put together this Windows program. Just open your SQLIO result .txt file for quick analysis. If anyone wants to use it, its freeware.


    Jared Meaux

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  • It is true that RAID 5 typically shows well in Random Read Testing. However, even a small amout of write activity can quickly tip that apparent advantage over RAID 10. I/O ratios as low as 90:10 R/W can be significant depending on strip/block sizes etc.

    Additionally, default RAID5 often consists of just 3 disks which makes matters even worse.

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