Data Mining Part 40: Big Data and Microsoft Data Mining

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  • What a fun read this morning, thanks.

  • I can't believe an article with so many mistakes is allowed to be posted on this website. Granted they're mistakes in the English language but still, there's got to be some minimum level of quality.

    The information in the article was good. I learned some new things. My request, for the sake of the quality of this site is to have your article proofread before posting.

  • Sorry, part of the article was based on the Bible (Genesis). It uses ancient English.

    Besides that, yes there are some errors that will be fixed soon. Sorry about that.

  • I'm not talking about the old English. You are sticking the word "the" all over the place. As I said, don't follow the Microsoft model of releasing code and then testing it. Have it proofread first and then publish.

    Here are some corrections:

    lawyer and an engineer

    "Let there be Hadoop to handle this mess"

    inspired by Google Servers.

    simple machines into super big servers

    Big Data in Azure using Hadoop; Microsoft

    You can import the data from Hadoop to SQL Server or a database of your preference

    explained in chapter 1

    HiveQL or HQL, which

    It is an animal of the genus Sus

    Probably not in the next 10 years

    future with Darwin's theory

    process of natural selection

    The same is with software

    evolve over time

    with this new open source technology

    Time will tell us if SQL Server

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