Data Mining Introduction

  • vega805 - Friday, January 25, 2013 11:21 AM

    Hi, I am a relatively SQLServer newbie, background as an analyst. I was following this lesson smoothly until I got to step 13 - Now click in the Mining Model Viewer and you will receive a Windows message to deploy the project. Press the yes button. When I try to execute this part, I'm dead in the water - error message "SQL Server Agent" not running. I understand why, Im using SQL Server 2012 Express with Advance Services. I discovered that this version omits this use of the Agent service. Two questions 1) with my version is there a work around to this so I can complete the lesson? 2) a general question as a newbie and dedicating a lot of time into learning - because of this limitation and possible others in Express, would you recommend me dumping Express altogether and give with the Developer version?

    Disregard - I saw that Daniel already answered your question.

  • Yes, move to the developer version please.

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