Data Mining in Excel 2007 Pt.1 - SQL School Video

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  • Brian,

    You mentioned in the beginning of the video that you already explained how to intall the add-in to Excel. Where is that video/discussion.

    Also, do you need 2005 in the background to run this or is this Excel running on its own. If I have SQL Server 2000 in a production environment and 2005 in a development environment could I get this to work and how?



  • You can get all the videos in the sites and

    This video is also nice.

  • Brian, same question as Grasshopper. I've search through your videos here on SQL Server Central, been to Jumpstart TV, and cannot find a video that ends where this one picks up. Closest thing I've found is this video:

    for setting up Data Mining Add-In.

    These are great videos, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them! But, multi-part presentations are extremely hard to follow without simple hyperlinks to the past/next parts.


    Rich Mechaber

  • Brian,

    I came across this video accidentally, and it has been presented wonderfully.

    I had the same question that Steve mentioned to this discussion about Add-Ins and is it mandatory to have SQL server database open. I know it seems a very immature question but I'm still a newbie and I found this videos Excellent.

    Thank you for posting this videos.


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