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  • I am new to SQL/DTS, but I have been give the task of tranferring a flat text file that is not delimited into our existing sql db. The file has three fields that I need to populate. The first two numbers are separated by a comma each go into a field. 6 lines down I need to get that data into its own field (all in the same table). There are over a 1000 records in the file and the are marked by the !!!!! at the beginning of each record. I don't have a clue as to what the crap I am doing. I tried to go to the senior DBA, but he told me I would figure something out. Can someone out there at least guide me down somekind of path before I kill this guy!!!

    CLINICAL INDICATIONS: rule out herniated disc.

    PROCEDURE: Sagittal T1, sagittal fast spin echo T2, and axial GRE images

    are performed.


    C2 through C6: Normal.

    C6-7: A large, 4-5 mm right lateral disc herniation is identified. It

    significantly compresses the cord and does cause significant right C7

    neural foraminal compromise. The compromise appears predominantly just

    prior to the neural foramen where the exiting C7 nerve root passes.


    T1 through T4: Loss of signal, otherwise, unremarkable.

    OTHER FINDINGS: Overall, the patient's bony spinal canal is quite narrow

    and this results in a degree of congenital spinal stenosis. The

    posterior fossa is unremarkable and the bone marrow is normal.


    1. Large right sided C6-7 disc herniation which significantly compresses

    and posteriorly displaces the cord and causes compromise of the right

    exiting C7 nerve root.


    Radiologist Full Name, M.D.


    d: 07/25/95

    t: 07/25/95


  • Try using DTS wizard. It is pretty straight forward. Make sure you give the parameters in each screen right.

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