Data Loading Via Script Does Not Give Desired Output?

  • Please assist?" The App Filter Category" SQL code below, where does it draw its data from in terms of table/columns?

    When load the data via this script, i dont see the data columns for "The App Filter Category", help me figure this out please?

    App Filter Categories

    select a.label as ‘App Category’

    , b.label as ‘Menu’

    , c.product_uid as ‘Product UID’

    from app_menu_filters a

    left join app_menu_filters b on b.parent_uid=a.uid

    left join app_menu_filter_products c on b.uid=c.app_menu_filter_uid

    where a.status=‘A’ and a.level=1

    order by 1,2,3;

    Sales and Product Data

    SELECT date(o.created_datetime) as Date, od.product_uid as ‘Product UID’,

    p.manufacturer Manufacturer, p.bmc BMC, p.brand Brand, od.label as SKUs, p.selling_unit as ‘Unit of Measure’,

    ROUND(if(od.amended_quantity is not null, od.amended_quantity, od.quantity)) as ‘Units Sold’,

    ROUND((if(od.amended_quantity IS NOT NULL, od.amended_quantity, od.quantity))*p.content,2) as ‘Sales Volume’,

    ROUND((if(od.amended_quantity is not null, od.amended_quantity, od.quantity))*od.price,2) as ‘Sales Value’

    FROM order_detail od

    left join order o on od.order_uid=o.uid

    left join product p on od.product_uid=p.uid

    where o.status in (‘D’,1,2,3,4,5)

    and not od.label =‘Plastic Bag’

    and date(o.created_datetime) >= ‘2020-04-01’


    Problem is, i am not getting these sales data in my powerbi model when using the above sql script, as indicated here:

    Some how my data for the app category disapear.


    What am i doing wrong?


    PBIX file with SQL code use

    PBIX when i pull in the tables manually :

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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