Data Import... where does it save SSIS pkg to?

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    When I right-click on a database, select Tasks and then Data Import... it takes me through the data import wizard (which seems to work great...the data shows up in the table). It asks if I want it to save a copy of the SSIS package...I say yes. It runs. It doesn't ask me where to save the package and I cannot find where it saved it (used searches, etc.).

    So, what is the default save location for SSIS packages? Any ideas?

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    It is saved on SSIS instance (one per 2005 server). So connect to it using SSMS and look at Stored Packages (look at File System or MSDB - depending where your package is save on file system or SQL server).

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    afaik, in the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, when you have checked the "Save SSIS package" option, you can choose between saving on SQL Server or on File system (SQL Server is default). When you click Next, you will get to the Save SSIS Package screen, where you can specify the location to save the package.

    If you did not alter the defaults, it will be saved on the SQL instance from where you started the Wizard, and you should follow Mareks advice.

    Peter Rijs
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  • Vinu verma

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    If you remember the package name that you used it for saving at the time of the Import task, then you can actually view it using your BDIS

    1) Open the BDIS

    2) Right click SSIS packages under the Solution Explorer

    3) Select the option "Add Exisitng Package"

    4) You will get a pop up asking the package location

    5) Select SSIS Package Store for the first drop down

    6) Enter your Server details

    7) Click on the Button on the right hand side of the Package Path and this will list all the packages stored on that server both in the File system as well as the msdb. I feel in your case it ought to be in msdb

    8) You can select and add it to your BDIS and make changes and reuse it again

    Hope this helps. These steps are under the assumption that you already have a SSIS package created



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    I am having the same issue. I have created an SSIS package using the import data to import data from a flat file and have opted to save it to Sql Server.

    Where can I find this package in SqlServer?

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    raphi.levine (2/4/2009)

    I am having the same issue. I have created an SSIS package using the import data to import data from a flat file and have opted to save it to Sql Server.

    Where can I find this package in SqlServer?

    I'll elaborate on the advice above.

    1. In SSMS Object Explorer, click on "Connect" and choose Integration Services

    2. Enter the server name where you saved the package and click the Connect button

    3. Expand Stored Packages

    4. Expand MSDB

    You will see a list of packages that are stored in SQL Server in that instance. Note: you cannot open a package for editing in SSMS. You must open it in Business Intelligence Development Studio.


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    Perfect! Thank you.

  • rlevine

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    I am now able to view that there is a package in the db with the name given, but I can not figure out how to view the package.

    I want to be able to view the package and copy one of the flat file definitions which I have defined in the project and use it in another project.

    Can you please assist me with this?

  • Greg Charles


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    See the post by Vinu Verma above where he lists the steps to open a package in Businees Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS; he transposed a couple of the letters).


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    First I want to thank you by the tip of the SSMS, I got it and could see the package.

    But when I open the BIDS, in my solution explorer there is no SSIS packages, so I can't right click on it. How do I make it appear?

    I don't know if it matters, but I have the full version of Visual Studio, and when I click on the BIDS it opens my Visual Studio.


    DBA Cabuloso
    Lucas Benevides

  • Juanita


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    I am experiencing the same where in BIDS under solutions explorer, there is nothing to right click on??


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    DBA Cabuloso,

    Thanks to everyones replies above. It helped a lot.

    This is what I did when I arrived at similar place as you.

    Once BIDS is open, select File, New Project, Integration Services Project. Give it a name and verify location is good. Select Ok. Now you will see Solution Explorer has all the normal folders in it.

    Proceed with steps which were documented in replies above. Additionally, once you have the package added, you can delete the package.dtxs which was created when you created the new project and just keep the package that you added.



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    If you do not have Integration Services installed you can still save a package to SQL Server (via the Import/Export wizard or similar) and that package is not a view-able object without the SSIS service.

    It exists as a row in the sysssispackages system table in msdb and you should see it there.

    At this point I recommend installing the SSIS service on your server so that you can view them and in the meantime from your desktop (if you have Management Studio installed for SQL 2008 and later) you can go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server (version) -> Integration Services -> Execute Package Utility and run the package remotely.

    Hope that helps!

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