Data Extraction Methods Part 2

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  • Hi,

    I just loved the tutorial.

    In fact, one of my client needed a small tutorial on all this.

    This was perfect for him (and me).

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Diptiman Singh

    Dee Technologies

  • The main problem is always re-running warehouse population when using the check last day inserts/updates/deletes etc. With that logic you can end up inserting duplicate rows if you need to run a population through the day.

    That's why we stamp a year/month column format (YYYYMM) and use that to determine the logic.

    IE delete where YYYYMM = 200604, insert where YYYYMM = 200604 etc..

    Good article, by the way. Highlights a lot of potential strategies.

    Sigh. If only we can get the oltp guys to set databases up properly in the first instance, life would be a lot easier.

    The Users are always right - when I'm not wrong!

  • Your tutorial would have been more helpful if it had been more legible.  In the future, please have someone translate your renderings, or at least correct the poor grammar.  Otherwise, you might consider posting your comments on the foreign language version of this web site (if such exists).  Is there a "bastardized English" version of this site?

  • Bill. I think your comments are rather harsh.

    It read quite well to me and was completely understandable and well presented even if the grammer was slightly lacking.

    Remember, the people who post on this site are not english professors or paid employees of this site and take time out of their own busy lives to contribute ideas and suggestions.

    The Users are always right - when I'm not wrong!

  • Sorry, I'm just fed up with having to decipher some of the gibberish you have to wade through on these forums and web sites.  I'm sick and tired of "tech heads" who apparently spend so much time in front of a computer that they can no longer communicate with people.  I do however apologize to Mr. Rainardi if he is new to the English language; his grammar is actually a bit better than many who post to these web sites and whose native language is English.  My recommendation to those who don't know/don't care about using the language properly is to use a spell/grammar checker and get the computer to think for them like they usually do.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.....

  • I can understand your point of view. Some article do take some wading through before you get the gist of what is going on.

    The Users are always right - when I'm not wrong!

  • I have only read 10% of the article so far but I plan to read all of it when I have time. This is the kind of article that I'm happy to put in my favorite list, because it brings some real value instead of talking about abstract things like the strategic advantage of BI for companies.

    And the language was just fine for me 🙂 (Italian is my mothertongue)


  • English is only my third language, but I can understand every piece of this article.  Probably because I have been working in data warehousing for more than 10 years.

  • Might be a typo, but you have it twice in the article.  It's Ascential, with l, not Ascentia.  And then, Ascential is the name of the previous vendor (now IBM).  Its ETL software was called DataStage, branded by IBM: Websphere DataStage. 

  • Thanks for the correction, Djoni. You are right Ascential is now WebSphere.

    And thanks for the critics, Bill Edwards, I will try to improve it on my next articles.

    Kind regards,


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