Data Encoding Problem.. Need help from you guys!

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    Hi guys! I created a application before using classic ASP ( This simple application saves arabic data, but the main problem I didnt notice is that it is saving the data in windows-1252 encoding. As a result, my data are all in unreadable format (ÇáÈßÓá ááÝäæä ÇáÑÞãíÉ). Im trying to reconstruct the whole application in .NET but the problem is I cant show the correct data. I already made my globalization settings to windows-1256 & windows-1252 (Vice Versa).

    Is there a way I can change the encoding through T-SQL? I even tried copying it to another database with arabic as its standard format.

    Hoping for your immediate reply on this matter.

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    You could try the bulk copy and set the codepage there.

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    If you write the raw data into a text file, you can use iconv to do a simple conversion.

    Check that your iconv supports the proprietary Microsoft Arabic codepage, if you want that one, like so:

    $ iconv -l | grep 1256

    CP1256 MS-ARAB WINDOWS-1256

    Aha, my iconv supports the proprietary Microsoft page.

    So, cat YourData.txt | iconv -f CP1256 -t UTF-8 > YourData_fixed_UTF8.txt

    and you should get a nice UTF-8 version (UTF-8 is the version of Unicode used mostly on the Internet).

    Or, if your source was actually encoded in the proprietary Microsoft DOS Arabic codepage, 720, use -- well, my iconv doesn't support 720, so I'm not sure.

    Microsoft has a beta for Arabic codepage conversion

    but it's beta, probably neither Free nor Open Source, the download does not seem to include any documentation (there is a readme which says to run the setup, which I didn't do), and my guess is it does no more (and much less) than iconv.

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    Years pass by months pass by ,,no one gives any straight forward answer for this Collation problem while running BCP for the error ::Error = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Code page 720 is not supported by SQL Server:w00t:

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    try to add the switch -c850 or -craw it worked for me

    Good luck

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