Data Driven Subscriptions without SQL Enterprise

  • There are some tools that can do data driven tasks. Some a re relatively cheap ... I don't know the current prices but check these 2:

  • You can use SQL-RD, a third-party solution, to create and run data-driven schedules without having to upgrade to SQL enterprise. It also comes with event-based scheduling (triggers the report on events including database changes, file changes, emails received and so on). It delivers the reports to email, SharePoint, folder, printer, fax or Dropbox. Check out

  • Jason Selburg - Thursday, May 11, 2006 7:38 PM

    Thanks for the stored procedure.
    But I still didn't understand how to modify it so I can send the report with different parameters to different people?
    Could you please point me to the right direction?

  • Thanks @jason , this is LEGENDARY!

    I’ve played around a bit and am not wondering whether it’s at all possible to also rename the file attachment that is produced by the reporting server.

    I’ve searched through the ReportServer tables and haven’t found anything obvious just yet.


    For an emailed report, the filename is merely that of the ReportName within SSRS, so does that mean if we could Update the ReportName before running JAson's StoredProc, that the attached filename would be changed too...?



    Would you perhaps have any pointers on where one could update the filename that is produced?


    #EDIT: I tried renaming the [NAME] column in the dbo.CATALOG, however this had no bearing on filename which ws still attached to the email with the original Report Name.

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