Data Driven Subscription - Where is the data source of the dataset stored?

  • For a data-driven subscription, you define a dataset which returns information that can be used by the report. For that report you have to define a data source. Does anyone know where that information is stored for a specific subscription? If I look in the [dbo].[Subscriptions] table, the [DataSettings] column contains the actual query being run but I cannot track down the data source itself.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Hi Pete - Try this.  They sure don't make it intuitive... 🙂

    SELECT c2.Name AS ReportName
    ,s.Description AS SubscriptionbName
    ,c.Name AS SubscriptionDataSource
    ,s.DataSettings AS SubscriptionDatasetQuery
    ,s.Parameters AS SubscriptionDatasetParameters
    FROM dbo.Subscriptions AS S
    INNER JOIN dbo.DataSource AS DS
    ON S.SubscriptionID = DS.SubscriptionID
    INNER JOIN dbo.Catalog AS C
    ON = c.ItemID
    INNER JOIN dbo.Catalog AS C2
    ON s.Report_OID = c2.ItemID

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