Data Corruption because of index on system table

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    Is it possible to drop an index that has been created on system table? It seems such indexes cause DBCC CHECKDB to report error.
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  • You can create the index on system tables but can't be drop index and you can't run DBCC DBREINDEX against system tables too..

    What table is system table index got corrupted?

    You can try to use undocumented procedure sp_fixindex procedue to repair system indexes...,289483,sid87_gci1118132,00.html


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  • That was an index on sysobjects table. Sp_fixindex repairs the error but when you create a new object, again dbcc checkdb reports error! You may easily simulate this on a test db.
  • Interesting...

    Did you check system log for any disk errors?

    If there is no HW issue, may be option will be calling PSS...

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  • No disk error!...

  • Best option will in this case create newdb and copy the data and rename the db...

    Try applying latest service pack to see what happens after it...


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