Data cleansing and Data filtering

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    What is data cleansing and Data filtering and how can we do the data cleansing and Data filtering from the SQL 2005 server database to Maximo database.

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    ...or to put it more succinctly "how long is a piece of string?"


    Sorry I couldn't resist!

    I'm no forum expert but surely you can't expect a decent answer if you post a question like that? Data cleaning/filtering or basically ETL (extract, transform, load) is not a fixed set of procedures or rules. It depends on the data, it depends on the source database (application) and it depends on the destination database (application).

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    What is data cleansing

    What is Data filtering

    how can we do the data cleansing and Data filtering from the SQL 2005 server database to Maximo database

    Set up connection to SQL 2005 database (simple and easy) see connection mangers in SSIS, and Extract the data. Once processed the data in way you want, lots of tools/processes for that in SSIS, Transforming the data. Then set up connection to Maximo, which l have seen a posting doing using MS Access DB so using possibly an OLEDB conneciton will allow out write the data to the tables in Maximo, Load the data.

    SSIS is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool.

    How you do these steps depends on the databases, business rules, data etc you are working with. Start playing with SSIS, then google and ask questions

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    I agree with feersum - really hard to deliver a quick, concise definition. But it's basically removing data duplicates, correcting/removing errors or inconsistencies (even extra spaces), or normalizing all data into 1 format, so someone can easily leverage the data, either in an analytics or data science platform.  I did find some real-world examples of data cleansing: Hope this helps!

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