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  • Data breeches: what the well-dressed DBA is wearing this season.

    This time next year: tuple trousers.


  • You beat me to it!

    I think its an interesting comment that solving problems quickly often leads to less, or less than perfect, security. Its the nature of our work that we often need to solve problems quickly. I don't know if the resulting security issues are a result of the pace, or something wrong at a deeper level with our tools. Fast isn't necessarily the opposite of good!

  • Well done Ewan!

    Greg H

  • As put so eloquently by Andre the Giant:

    I do not think that word means what you think it means.


  • :), my mistake and a very nice post Ewan.

    It has been corrected.

  • Hindsight is wonderul.

    There is a dynamic balance between security and usability. While not a zero sum game, extreme security definitely interferes with usability and high usability defintely conflicts with security.

    It is a mistake to think of this, esepcially internal attacks, as a technology problem. As long as there have been organizations, business, political, military, it is always the internal that is the biggest threat. It's a social engineering problem, and the model to look at is perhaps banking, where the risk of theft and embezzlement have been dealt with for centuries are virtually mappable to data security. Similar cultures and patterns of auditing need to be applied to data as to cash.

    Note also that despite centuries of work, theft and embezzlement have NOT been eliminated, just managed.


    -- FORTRAN manual for Xerox Computers --

  • BaldNomad (11/13/2007)

    As put so eloquently by Andre the Giant:

    I do not think that word means what you think it means.


    *BZZZT!* Sorry, the correct answer is Enigo Montoya (Mandy Pantinkin), but thanks for playing! :hehe:

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