• My company currently uses SQL database and Analysis services as a backend for displaying data on the front end and would like to add dashboards to what we show our clients.  Our requirements for dashboards:
    Hosted on Premise
    Can be seen on the web

    We are not looking for a BI solution but something that is just a simple add-on to our current product.  It doesn't have to use SQL or Analysis Services as a backend as I can build a datasource in Excel or csv.  There are so many expensive dashboard products out there that I am having a lot of trouble finding something that is meeting my requirements.  Has anyone faced a similar problem and found a tool which they found valuable?


  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor - Thursday, April 26, 2018 9:26 AM

    Power BI

    One more vote for this.

    Luis C.
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  • Like the others have said, Power BI is capable of meeting your requirements. However, to host it on-premises you will need to purchase 'Premium Capacity' (PC) which isn't cheap. PC will then give you the option of a report server which is on-premises. There is an online calculator to work out the cost of PC.

    The key here is web access but securing it on-site. SSRS is one option but it's not an interactive Dashboard. You could use Power Pivot to hook into SQL Server and SSAS. It has dashboard capabilities but they are not as fancy as Power BI. From there you can embed PP in many on-premises hosted services and allow the end-user to hook into that service.

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