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  • Trying cursors out for the first time.  I know do it a different way; however this is a one off tool that will never be used again and using a cursor mimicks the logic of the application this tool needs to fix.

    I have two cursors in a script.  The first cursor executes and the second does not. The logic in psuedo code goes like this:

    create global temp table 1

    fill table

    create global temp table 2

    fill table

    add columns to global temp 2

    declare cursor 1

    run cursor 1 against global temp 2 and fill added columns

    close and deallocate cursor

    add column to global temp 2

    declare cursor 2

    run cursor 2 against global temp 2 and fill added column

    close and deallocate cursor

    thanx, for your time and attention


  • The pseudocode looks OK at a quick glance. Can you post the actual code? Would be easier to debug.

    Why global temp tables?

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