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    Didn't even notice the position outside the While loop. The fact that the variable is set to 1 on the previous line means that even if it were within the loop the answer would be the same.

    That's the way I saw it, too.

    Me three. Didn't even look at the loop.

    Yeah, I missed that too. It must be a better question than I thought. 😉 Thanks.

    Good point. Initially, I saw the case where Setting the variable is outside the loop and Print is inside the loop. It could make more sense if I put outside loop like this:

    If @BitToggle=0 Print 'Variable @BitToggle toggled'

    SET @BitToggle = 1

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  • Really easy. Thanks, Naveen!

  • What's this cursor thing? 😀

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    What's this cursor thing? 😀

    It's the precursor to a pork chop launcher 😛

    Far away is close at hand in the images of elsewhere.

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