Current Activity Window not coming up

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    We have sql 2000 standard edition. When I click on the Current Activity node, my enterprise manager hangs up. I use task manager to end the enterprise manager. I went and logged onto the actual sql server box and cannot get Current Activity to come up on that enterprise manager either. It hangs up also. I can open up all the other nodes in enterprise manager but not current activity.

    Can anybody suggest some troubleshooting here?

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  • I would like to bet the locks. I would like to try sp_who/sp_who2 to find the locks if I were you.

  • HI. I tried that and no blocking processes..I looked at the blk column in the sp_who and the blkby column in the sp_who2. nothing shows up. Am I looking at the correct column?   

  • It may not be blocked, but if there are a lot of locks issued, the Current Activity screen can hang and eventually timeout.


  • You may run DBCC MEMORYSTATUS to memory usage. If memory is not in a good shape, you may try to run



    If none of them works, you may have to restart your SQL Server.

  • One more thing, EM uses tempdb for this so if tempdb is extremely busy, timeouts will occur.


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