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  • when i try to install CU 22 for SQL 2017 my current version is not recognized by the installation file. My current version is RTM-CU14-GDR. What could be the cause for this.

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Hi,

    theres are differences between an CU and a GDR update. But I don't know, how you can fix it. But if you once install a GDR update, no CU update will install.

    Maybe someone frome this forum will give some more information.

    Kind regards and good luck


  • As Andreas said, the CU and GDR updates are different and cannot be mixed.

    Previously, you could change between CU and GDR after installing a new SP; but with SPs now a thing of the past, you probably need to reinstall the Instance to change between them!

    The latest GDR release for MSSQL 2017 is:

    "KB4583456 - Description of the security update for SQL Server 2017 GDR: January 12, 2021"

    which will upgrade your instance to version: 14.0.2037.2

    Try this, should work for any 2017 Instance on the GDR stream.


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