Crystal Reports and Reporting Services

  • Is it possible to use existing Crystal Reports (v 8.5) with SQL Reporting Services?

    I wanted to move my current report distribution over to RS with as little work as possible.  Currently, the Crystal Reports we have use an ODBC connect to a SQL DB.  I was hoping that RS would be able to use these reports so I don't have to recreate them.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  • According to MS there are "several" vendors working on programs to translate Crystal Reports RPT files to Reporting Services format. I heard there might be something available in 3Q2004. Of course they won't be free...


  • I've searched and only found Fijutsu Consulting to have a product that will do this. And they aren't selling it but will gladly consult with you to migrate your files. Let me know if you do find something.

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