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  • Ed Wagner (10/16/2015)

    I hope this doesn't discourage you from submitting QOTDs, although I can see how it could. I also hope it doesn't encourage you to write 2-paragraph answers covering all possible contingencies, server state, legal disclosures and references to the phase of the moon in Australia last Tuesday in each answer. 😉

    Afraid it has sadly! I did suggest a couple of others which I have since either deleted or un-submitted.

    While I can sympathise with the frustration of "senior posters" about the quality of Q and A's, I think there is room for even simple questions, if they offer alternate answers which could be considered legitimate where there is a lack of understanding.

    I have learned my lesson on badly worded Q and A's I think....

    May go back to reading The Beano.


  • Bob JH Cullen (10/15/2015)

    I don't think any of the answers are correct because the question refers to Products, and there is no mention of products in the query, only sales order values. Without knowing what was ordered, the query cannot return anything related to product.

    Another badly worded question, I'm afraid.


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  • The question was confusing because of whatever was mention in the discussions BUT awesome query. Hats off...

  • I also stuck with the answers about the products, as the query had nothing to do with products. I then assumed there has to be some issues in the query that I missed.

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