Creating Stored Procedure Documentation with XML, SQL-DMO and XSLT

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  • Great article and very imformative.



    Chris Kempster
    Author of "SQL Server Backup, Recovery & Troubleshooting"
    Author of "SQL Server 2k for the Oracle DBA"

  • Great article - worked "right out of the box"!

  • Pretty nice. Great job on linking to other resources. Did you consider using the built in support for extended object properties?


  • Hello all, and thanks for your kind words. Andy, I'm considering expanding the script to include documentation for other database objects, and for that, extended properties would definitely be the way to go. For stored procedures, specifically, I prefer embedding the documentation directly in the code, so that it can be added when the code is written.



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  • Great article! I'd done something similar for table documentation. I was able to make just a few tweaks to extract the description based on our standard stored procedure documentation block. Was also able to easily change the XSL to report it in the format I've been using. This speaks well of the design, readability and documentation of your code.

  • Excellent topic..

    But i´m having a problem when i try to use the transform.xslt:

    msxml4.dll: The stylesheet does not contain a document element. The stylesheet may be empty, or it may not be a well-formed XML document.

    what´s happening? The XML that was generated seems to be normal to me..

    David Falcão

    David Falcão

  • Great to see this approach.

    I'm looking for a way to integrate documentation of SQL Server sprocs into documentation of .NET assemblies. (The assemblies are documented using NDoc so they look like the MS .NET documentation.)

    The sprocs already contain documentation.

    Has anyone done this already? (The approach probably involves producing XML files in the .NET / C# / NDoc format (easy) and modifications to NDoc to handle sprocs (unknown).)

  • Hi - I have tried to access the code for this utility but the site doesn't find it - has this been pulled?

    If so can anyone suggest where I can find a piece of software that will document the comment test in stored procedures, functions.

    If the source has moved can someone please re-direct me


  • Hi

    I'm no expert on this but are there not a number of programs that can make XML documentation for you. To give you an example I just did a quick google search and found this one:

    It can make the documentation for you as long as you have the schemas and I have found a few other ones as well.

    This is my first post from a newbie XML enthusiast so if I am wrong please be gentle:)

  • Is there an  updated location for this script as the current location that is linked is no longer found

    Is this hosted somewhere else or does someone have another copy to update this document?




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