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  • Great ...

  • Remarkably, Brian forgets to mention that this feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition SKU. I have to wonder why it's only available in EE; does it make sense that user have to pay for a substantially more expensive license to keep their data safe?

    Why does the feature fail to write all backups if only one of the destinations fails? Doesn't that make the feature far less useful? Are there strategies for creating robust backups with SQL Server? That is, how does Brian recommend working around the limitation he identifies?

  • Mike, our goal with the video was just to show you "how" to do it quickly, I'm sorry if we didn't quite hit the mark for you. I agree it shouldn't be an enterprise feature, and as for a work around, we've got a video coming up that shows how to supplement the standard/normal backup with a job that copies the baks to another drive/machine.

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