Creating master key on test server in order to install backup encryption

  • We encrypt our database backups. We've installed some new client servers and I was able to create the encryption certificate on Production and Staging however when I try to create the master key on our test server I get the following errror:

    Msg 33094, Level 16, State 9, Line 1

    An error occurred during Service Master Key decryption

    I have already copied the cert file and the ppk file over to the test 1 server. I also checked the status to make sure the master key isn't already enabled for encryption which it's not. Not sure why the test server is behaving differently than prod or stage.


    Thanks in advance




  • Verify all the permissions for the service account have been set correctly as per the below article.

    Had one exactly the same where someone changed the service account via services.msc instead of SQL config manager and it screwed up all the permissions.

    Log on as a service

    Replace service level token


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