Creating Location Independent SSIS packages

  • The article title is misleading. You are not creating location independent SSIS packages. You are modifying target environments to reduce migration issues. Handy, but does not achieve what the title suggested.

  • I think the techniques pointed out in this article are useful tools to have in our toolboxes. Use them sometimes, don't use them other times.

    I do have a recommendation that I think is always a good idea. Create a DNS alias (CNAME) that points to the server for a given application.

    Example: Application is called WidgetWatcher. A CNAME would be created called something like WidgetWatcherDB that could be pointed to whichever computer is currently hosting WidgetWatcher's database. This would allow a change in one place to be utilized throughout the entire enterprize without directly changing any other machines.

    Just my two cent's worth, keep up the good articles.

  • Seems I am not the first person to comment that package configuration is what this article should have been about (or at least what I expected it to be about).

    Package configuration, either via XML configuration files (which one of our clients prefer), or by database (which I prefer), have a few small gotcha's (defining expected configuration location - i.e. either a common hardcoded folder location for your XML configuration files, or a common database that will be in all environments for database driven configuration), but largely resolve most localization issue you should experience.

    Personally, I think do package configuration is not too arduous a task, at would be time well spent, rather than alaising, etc.

  • Thank you for the article. It works well and it's a good idea.

    There are other ways definitely, but they also have their drawback.

    In certain cases, yours is the best. Keep up!


  • So, a better title for the article should be "Tricks for moving poorly written SSIS Packages to a new server". Having worked in various sizes of IT organizations, I can think of at least a couple of them where the two tips posed in this article would cause issues.

  • Is there windows script, that one can run to create alias for the sql server.

    i want to run it in more than one machine.

  • Nice tips.. another quick option is to open the Packages in EDITPLUS and do a quick find+replace in "all open files" 🙂

    yes like most people said using package config is best option. But in reality we do come across packages whic does not use config files and are running in prod. Welcome to real world 🙂

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