creating a copy of database with an ndf file

  • I need to send a copy of this to our customer but do not want to send all of the data so I need to remove some tables.  Generally, I just make a copy of the latest backup rename it and delete the table that I don't want to send over and then send that to the client after I am able to remove other prorietary information.  This database has an .ndf file attached to it as we are storing resumes in the database and it is blocking me from doing this.   This is the error message I am getting

    The file 'S:\Databases\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\ftrow_resumes.ndf' cannot be overwritten.  It is being used by database 'TheDatabaseIAmCopying'


    Can I rename the .ndf file that it is using to something else ?

    RESTORE DATABASE NewDatabaseName
    FROM DISK = 'Z:\SQLBackups\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup\OldDatabaseName.BAK'
    WITH REPLACE, MOVE ‘OldDatabaseName’ TO 'S:\Databases\MSSQL\DATA\NewDatabaseName.MDF',
    MOVE ‘OldDatabaseName_Log' TO 'S:\Databases\MSSQL\DATA\NewDatabaseName_Log.LDF'
  • Check out TSQL Restore Database, and you'll find you can to specify new locations for all files making the database

    Just add "move .." for the location of the concerned file of the restored database.

    use originaldb; 
    Select * from sys.database_files

    or starting from the db backup:

    restore filelistonly from disk='<backup file location>\YourOriginalDbFull.BAK'


    edited: When using a restore approach, you could also opt for a partial restore, if the objects of your concern are stored in their own filegroup(s). Check out Piecemeal restore



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