Creating a Chart From a Table

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  • Interesting Idea

  • Very cool; I'll try it out later today and let you know how it works for me.

    Signature is NULL

  • Interesting concepts. It's quite remarkable what you've achieved. I would definitely be interested in a more mature .dll that could be registered and used from SQL just like an API... that would be quite nice..



  • A bit naff (for USA readers translate this as turkey!)

    You can use SELECT to create an element based XML data source and then

    apply XSLT style-sheet(s) (that includes HTML) for the XML to format the data anyway you like. Standard practice to keep the data and its rendering separate. HTML in SQL tables .... er!!


  • Standards will come only after ideas , else the fate of many ISO standards would have been some thing else .

    To make it client independent better go for ,VML or SVG ,keeping jpg files on client not a good idea






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