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    Hi all


    I've having a bit of a tidy up of our functions as we have the same function all over the place (same name/code/etc.).


    The function (for grabbing the name of any UK bank holidays) is part of our DIM_Date table.


    The function is called "fn_Get_UK_Holiday" and that appears in several databases.

    I've created the same function in our Utilities database so we only have one place to adjust any code.


    I've created a synonym called "fn_Get_UK_Holiday2" to point to the above function.


    When I try to create a seconday (for test purposes) date table using this synonym, I get the following error:-

    "Synonyms are invalid in a schemabound object or a constraint expression."


    The code for the function is :-

    CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_Get_UK_Holiday]


    @Date DATE





    DECLARE @HolidayName VARCHAR(50)


    @HolidayName = HolidayName




    pkHolidayDate = @Date

    RETURN @HolidayName



    We use the function to stop LEFT JOINing onto another table every time we write code where we want to exclude bank holidays.


    As this is part of a CREATE TABLE statement, has anyone any ideas on how to get around the error?

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