create proc to ZIP the file using WinRAR

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    Need your help here.

    As we can have WinRAR.exe file and that we can execute fro procedure that will zip the source file.

    We will require some specific format to execute the file from SQL Server "SQL Command".

    Procedure should have parameter as @SrcFile ,@DestFile and that will ZIP the Source file to DestinationFile . as specified location in Parameter.

    Create Proc spZipFile

    @SrcFile varchar(1000), -- Location with File name

    @DestFile varchar(1000) --Location eith







    Thanks in Advance

  • See to archive a backup file using winrar without access to the server desktop

  • Oh Thank you for your reply.


  • Thanks for the link emily-1119612, it points to a very helpful website.

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