Create Log tables and Triggers

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  • This audit has not information about date/time of operation and who operated. It has only the activity - type of operation. It is not a real audit.

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  • Srini, thank you for such a useful and beautiful piece of code!

    1. However, when I ran the script and then the sproc, I found it only created log_tables for 17 out of 75 user tables. Any idea why?

    2. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, though, I would like to request an enhancement that would greatly add value to the log table: The current script logs the affected record with the activity flag, but it does not show the date/time stamp the activity occurred or the user responsible.

    I would have adapted your code to include these features, IF I could make sense of it. Would it be asking for too much to have them included?



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  • hello,

    when i run the script to build the procedure proc_Insert_To_Log

    i get the following message

    Msg 208, Level 16, State 0, Procedure proc_Insert_To_Log, Line 22

    Invalid object name '#Tmp_Inserted'.

    i run it on sql server 2005

    thanks for the code so far!!!

    greetings and nice holidays and a good new year!!!

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