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  • I have an xcel file that based upon Cells defined will be used to create an output file with a .txt extension. All of the columns in xcel file are defined as "TEXT". The key to building the output file is based upon the xcel file definition.

    Xcel file example:

    A         B        C      D       E         F

    1      col1    col2   col3  col4   col5   col6

    2       1/1     1/2    1/3     1/4    2/1     3/1

    3      xbx     530   115      x        -         yes

    4     abc      630   215     x        -         yes

    The powershell script needs to read Row-2 of the xcel  file and the column\row(1/1-example) will be the driver to build the output file.

    Sample text file output.

    @@batchload ppvpmt.p

    "xbx" "530" "115" "x"




    @@batchload ppvpmt.p

    "abc" "630" "215" "x"




    The first row the "@@batchload" will be a static value. The  ppvpmt.p would be dynamic and maybe ask for user input to build this part of the data..

    The next rows are built from row 2 of the xcel file    1/1  --> row\position .. reads row 2 of the xls file and assigns values.

    After all xcel data rows have been built there is a static data row built  @@end.

    The first value is the row in text file and the second value is the position. If you have a 1/2 that's row 1 and the second data value in output file. The can be 1 to thousands of records in the Xcel file.

    Any help in getting this built would be much apricated.


  • My observation on your question is that it is time to call a consultant 😉


    Last time I did a similar thing, it took code in excess of 1000 lines and a lot of knowledge on the subject, not your normal afternoon task.

  • I agree on complexity..

  • It is very simple just open a new worksheet on excel.

  • could you show script ?



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