Create AT&T Network Hierarchy Diagrams using SQL Server Data

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  • Gnome mapping in wet lab environments

    I assume genomes were mapped, not gnomes...

  • Is that how you spell it? I've no idea about chemistry but love some of the R packages their community are developing!

  • Hi there,

    In your opinion what would be the advantage of this R approach compared to, say, direct graph visualization with GraphViz dot command, example:
    digraph STG
       "Kirk" -> "Scotty"
       "Scotty" -> "Spock"
       "Spock" -> "Kirk"

  • I think the advantage is in situations where nodes have multiple edges. In the article there is a CTE that generates a network hierarchy, each node has three edges to other nodes. I suspect GraphViz can manage this too but many applications and packages can’t.

  • Thanks  for your comment Paul.

  • Had some trouble getting this to work in RStudio, wouldn't install the packages as in the commented section. This worked though: 

    #biocLite("graphNEL") <- didn't work, fails but apparently wasn't needed, code runs w/out it

    Nice post, thanks for the tips on graph viz tools.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I’ll update the comments section in the next release with this.

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