Create a PDF that contains Chinese and Japanese characters

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    Hi All

    I'm trying to create a PDF that contains Chinese and Japanese characters. I currently have the english version of Acrobat installed on windows. If I try to enter chinese characters into the document I just get strange ascii characters appearing.

    Does anyone know how I can create a document using Chinese characters? Is it got something to do with the embedded fonts? Do I need to download some additional software?

    Just to clarify things, I will just stress that I want to be able to create documents using Chinese and japanese text (this is not a problem with reading PDF documents containing Chinese and Japanese characters).

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    If you are in Vista you need the language packs and in XP2 and up you need to install a 230 megs file in regional and then add Chinese and Japanese text to Office Word then you could save it as PDF with the free download below.

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    Gift Peddie

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