Create a copy of database with a new name

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    Mitesh OSwal

  • Many thanks! I absolutely loved this. I need to make a copy of my current dev db so many times. This will be a great time saver. I did make a few minor tweaks to the declare section, which I think make it more readable/usable (but I know this can always be a bit subjective). 🙂

    DECLARE @FirstDBName NVARCHAR(100) = 'Mitesh01'

    DECLARE @NewDBName NVARCHAR(100) = 'Mitesh02'

    DECLARE @BackupLocation NVARCHAR(100) = 'C:\Backup\'

    DECLARE@fileName NVARCHAR(1000)

    SELECT @fileName = @BackupLocation+@FirstDBName+REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(16),SYSDATETIMEOFFSET(),120),'-',''),':',''),' ','')+'.bak'

  • I like what you have done although I have not tried running the script yet.

    Ideally I would like to copy the database to another server, not onto the same server (normally to be used for reporting purposes).

    In my (limited) experience I have had to run one job to do the backup, then a seperate scheduled task that (via batch job) copies the backup file to remote server, then a seperate agent task scheduled to run about an hour later that restores the file on that server.

    If there is a way to run just one script, that does the backup, then restores the file on the remote server, that would be even better.


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