Counting the Groups in R

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  • Interesting question.

    As an R novice, it's extremely difficult to deduce from the referenced documentation that COUNT can do this. None of the (rather terse) examples outline this simple use.

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  • I agree. Happened to come across it in a short course in Python data science, and I'm trying to repeat the skills in R. Had to search around to figure this one out.

  • But still, this question gave me new knowledge, such as what are base packages in R, how to make a list of installed packages, because without plyr package you can not run the count function. On the web, it is possible to google simple examples of using the count function, which, for example, show that it is not necessary to include square brackets next to the column name. So it's a good question for learning new things, thanks for it, Steve.

  • Glad you liked it.

  • Aaarghh, been spending too much time using Spark lately; the syntaxes are similar to R, but just different enough to...


    Nice reminder, thanks Steve

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