Counting if not null

  • I have a report with a dataset that is returning records for ALL clients that have been served based on a start date and end date.  It also returns the result of a question and subsequent formula for most, but not all (I did a left outer join), so some of the values in this field could be NULL.  I hope what I need to do is very simple, but how would I do an expression for a textbox to display a count of those clients served that are NOT NULL?  This would be a count of those clients who have that question answered.  We are trying to actually determine a percentage of those total served / the number of those who did answer that question and get a ratio.

    Thanks for the information

  • If they do contain NULLs then perhaps:
    =COUNT(Fields![Your Nullable Column].Value, "[Your dataset Name]")


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

  • Yep, I don't know why I didn't think this way (feel stupid sometimes), but NULL values are not counted anyway so yes, thank you!  Things are good.

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