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    I need some help counting a date field. I tried the examples below and no luck

    COUNT(CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(11),  MyDateField , 113)

    COUNT(CONVERT(DATETIME, MyDateField, 101))


    2017-01-01 01:03:06.001

    2017-01-01 01:04:05.002

    2017-01-02 01:03:05.003

    2017-01-02 01:04:04.006

  • Jonathan AC Roberts


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    I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but COUNT(MyDateField) will count the not null MyDateField values.

    Or are you trying to do do something else like COUNT(DISTINCT CONVERT(varchar, MyDateField, 112)) ?

  • SGT_squeequal


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    are you just wanting to count the number of occurrences of a date regardless of time,  example,my orders table stores datetime so if i count orders created yesterday i get a list of date and times and a count of 1 but i want to count how many orders i created yesterday. so i could convert the date field to just DD MM YYYY and count.

    select convert(varchar,mydatefield,101),count(*)

    from orders

    group by convert(varchar,mydatefield,101)






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  • Phil Parkin

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    Do you prefer this over the more intuitive (in my opinion)

    cast(mydatefield as date)


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  • John Mitchell-245523

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    Yes, I agree, Phil.  Casting to date preserves sargability; converting to varchar doesn't.



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