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  • Interesting question, thanks Steve
    Really need to start looking into this...

    Space, the final frontier? not any more...
    All limits henceforth are self-imposed.
    “libera tute vulgaris ex”

  • Good question and yet something else to add to learning list, thanks Steve


  • Good question.

    I guess I'm a bit set in my ways - I have no intention of using CQL (does that C stand for Cassandra or for Collection or for someting else?) which I'd presumably be stuck with if I were to use Apache's Cassandra API, I prefer things which are not designed to encourage denormalisation.   So not supporting that API seems to me to be a CosmosDB plus point.   Not that I expect ever to use CosmosDB either, mind.

    Of course from a classical point of view,  Cassandra was always the bringer of bad tidings, predictions which no-one believed until bitten.


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