Corrupted Backups

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    Good question to start the week thanks Steve.


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    I'm not sure that  CONTINE_AFTER_ERROR is going to help, as if there are torn pages or page checksum errors the backup can't deliver uncorrupted data for the pages affected.  And CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR is not documented (in BOL for SQL Server 17) as having any effect on what happens other that with that sort of error.

    So I might try to  get a backup of the transaction log only and apply it to my last good backup (a backup is good if all of (a) it has been restored restored to test it and (b) dbbc_checkdb has been run on the restored database with ALL_ERRORMSGS and reported no errors and (c) a set of tests used in checking the functionality of the database as part of develpment and test has been successfully run on the restored database).


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    have only had to do this once; that was due to issues caused by failing hardware.
    that was a nightmare, as not all the data was backed up (corrupt pages were  ignored).

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