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    Hi Forum,

    I want to copy the .xml code from an existing SSIS Package to use later.

    I go to the SSIS Packages, select one by Right clicking on it & selecting 'View Code', I can then select all of the code using Ctrl+A & then Ctrl+C to copy it.

    This fine for most of my Packages but for some reason, there are some that won't allow me to select or copy the code?

    Can someone advise if there is a setting on a Package or some other reason why I can't do this?

    To add to the confusion, I can select & copy the code in some Packages in the same Solution but not others?

    Any suggestions/ideas?


  • Thom A

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    What do you mean by "won't let you copy it"? What are you actually doing with the xml, as opening view code and copying it out for each package seem pretty monotonous. What is your end goal?


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  • Phil Parkin

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    Why not copy the entire DTSX file? What are you trying to achieve here?

    Also, you need to be careful with the ID property, as they are supposed to be unique (they're GUIDs)

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  • Jeffrey Williams

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    One of the nice things about project deployment is that you can now create a new project from an existing project with a new name.  Whether or not that project is deployed to a catalog or you just have a deployment file.

    If the goal is to be able to quickly create a new project based on an existing 'template' project - this is the method I would use.  I would save a template deployment (either in a catalog - or just a file) and then use that to create a new project.  This would create everything needed in the new project - including project parameters, project data sources, etc...

    I am assuming that the OP is looking for a way to quickly create new projects/packages with all of the setup already included for each package.

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