Copy SQLAzure DB from cloud to local

  • I need to pull down a SQLAzure DB from cloud storage to my local sql server instance. I need to get both schema and data. What's my best bet? SSIS? If so which task is most well sutied?



  • there is a project on codeplex to help do this kind of thing in either direction; i downloaded it but did not test it yet, but it might help you out:

    1.SQL Server to SQL Azure

    2.SQL Azure to SQL Server

    3.SQL Azure to SQL Azure


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  • Right. I should have mentioned that I tried that, and it pulls down the schema just fine, but I can't get it to pull down any data. I set the option to pull schema AND data, but it seems to ignore the data. Maybe I should try and find a forum for that tool instead.


  • Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Sql Azure Migration Wizard is awesome. I've used it many times now. There is a setting that specifies if data should be migrated along with the schema. I don't think I had that set the first time. I've also been using the trial version of the RedGate stuff (SQL Compare/SQL Data Compare). It works well too, but honestly I like the SAMW a little better AND it's free! The RedGate stuff is much better at comparing schemas and data though for sure, but for just moving DB's around, particularly on Azure. SAMW is the BOMB.


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