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  • When you posted your article to the site, all your HTML escape codes were converted to their actual equivalents - so I see:

    insert @htmltable values('&', '&')

    instead of:

    insert @htmltable values('&', '&')

    (to generate the & above, I actually needed to type & in my reply)

    Could you please repost this article with your SQL code attached as a file?

    Also, given that it's an issue with the site, do you know who to talk to to get it fixed?

  • Also, if the rows are returned in the order they're inserted,

    your code will double-convert sequences like:


    which should expand to:


    but your code will convert to:


    The & to & conversion must happen last - or you run the risk of double-conversion.

    Since you can't guarantee the order the rows will be returned, this could be a tricky one 🙂

  • Dear Reader

    Thanks for your feedback, I have sent the converthtml script as a file attachment to

    I hope the webmaster will publish it soon.

    Kind regards


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