Convert SQL Server 2000 data to SQL Server 2000 CE data

  • Hi there,

    Is there any easy way to convery a SQL database into a CE database? The sync is not something I want to do frequently, though I have tried the publishing/subscription thing in SQL server, though I'm having problems, most of it is going over my head :o(


  • Well noted.  We "rolled our own".  We have an exclusive server piece that lets us run SQL queries from the handheld.  I then use that data to do my inserts into the CE database.

    This "connector" thing has been a God send.  I can use it while connected via 802.11 to update my enterprise servers live from the handheld or as part of a sync routine as outlined above.  We embed this beast in lots of our products and we have made a ton because of it.  I even made sure that the transport protocol (which I wrote) is secure but light weight.

    SQL 2005 is better at the sync thing out of the box.  I hate that you have to use IIS as secureing IIS is a full time job.  You have to buy your web geek a lot of Adult Beverages.

    The cool thing in 2005 is that I can connect my handheld via Active Sync and open the mobile database in Management Studio.  If you are going to do much work with mobile databases then upgrade to 2005 now.  The mobile performance is much better than previous versions.

    If you can't get the 2005 replication working for you then you are going to have to "roll your own".


    ATBCharles Kincaid

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