COnversion of PDF reports of english to chinese and japanese

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    We are developing a J2EE application using Struts + Tomcat Server+ Session Beans + MS SQL 2005 Data Base and our application is expected to be a multi-lingual. We are able to accept and display chinese and japanese characters by using the proper charset in JSP - and other configurations

    But, when we are doing a search, we are not able to sort and compare them. Our application has both simplified and traditional chinese characters and japanese characters. I have tried to sort them using collator class. Still, it is not meeting our requirement.

    Please let me know how do we sort and compare them.

    Is it necessary we need to use SQL Collation.

    Please Help!!! as i am new to this.

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    duplicate post.(actually quaduplicate!)

    no need to cross post to multiple forums it fractures the answers you get and makes posters duplicate others work.

    the "Recent Posts" link shows us everything.

    continue the thread here:


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