Contained login (ad group) not showing

  • I have 2 server with WSFC on it, let's call them SRV1 en SRV2. SQL Server 2022 (16.0.4003.1) on it and made a contained availability group ContainedAG (SRV1 primary) and listener CAG1. Created a contained login from a group in the AD. When I do the following query from another server using linked server:

    SELECT name

    FROM [SRV1].[ContainedAG_master].[sys].[server_principals]

    WHERE type = 'G'

    My contained login is not showing. When I do the following query:

    SELECT name

    FROM [CAG1].[master].[sys].[server_principals]

    WHERE type = 'G'

    My contained login is showing. What am I missing? This should point to the same database or not?

    Furthermore If I query through SSMS and I start a tab using new query on SRV1, the following query is not showing the contained login:

    SELECT name

    FROM [ContainedAG_master].[sys].[server_principals]

    WHERE type = 'G'

    But when I start the tab on new query on ContainedAG_master the contained login is showing.

  • Did you enable contained db authentication at instance level?

    exec sp_configure 'show advanced', 1
    exec sp_configure 'contained database authentication', 1;

    ( edited: added 'show advanced')


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  • Yes, we enabled 'contained database authentication'. Accessing the databases through this contained login is also not a problem. But we are running some queries from time to time to get some inventory of our SQL Server farm. There queries gave strange results depending on how you query.

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