Connectivity to Oracle 12.2 instance via OLE DB ?

  • I installed Oracle 12 on Windows 10 in  all possible ways/configurations, including the defaults.

    I installed Oracle Client, Instant Client, and ODAC - in all possible permutations of each of these 3.

    Still no way to connect via OLE DB (from Excel, SSIS, SSRS, -..anything). No luck.

    Using the correct name from TNSNames and all. or IP.  same problem: when entering info to OLEDB connection prompt, getting error 'Server Name cannot be found.'.

    I went through 1000 forums posts, tried 1000 things. No connection.

    Apparently, there is something basic, fundamental, that I may not know or not aware of.  I also reinstalled Oracle instances about 20 times. tried 12, 19,  other versions...   still same problem.

    Is there still hope for me ?



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  • first - did you install the 32 bit version of the client

    second - did you setup a tns name entry for it

    third - if you do "tnsping oraclesid" does it work or does it fail?

    fourth - what oledb client are you selecting on your connection?

    1. I believe it was 64 bit  Should it be 32?...
    2. TNSNames file has an entry for server named ORCL, I did not manually set up anything additional . Should I?
    3. TNSPING works fine.

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  • to "develop" the SSIS package you need 32bit versions of the clients as Visual Studio is a 32 bit application.

    you can have both 32 and 64 bit versions of the client installed - but you will either need to setup a global TNS_ADMIN entry or maintain  both tnsnames.ora files in each client folder

    once you install the correct driver (and make sure that during the installation you select the odbc/oledb parts - not installed by default) you should see "oracle provider for OLE DB" as an available option when adding a new connection. (not the Microsoft one!!)

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