connection string problem

  • Hi

    I have a connection string like this which works


    I want to use Trusted_Connection into my connection string and not userid but I get an error


    What am I doing wrong? Please any help on this.


  • What is the error?  Are you using OLE/DB or ODBC? 

    I assume that the userid you signed on with is a valid login for the server as well as having access to the Wordman database.

    Check out for samples of connection strings. 


  • I am using a OLEDB connection

    I login to the server(which has IIS installed) using a userid "ABC" and my sql server database login is "XYZ"

    and when I request my webpage in browser I get a an error which is

    Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'

  • I have seen this problem as well.  The issue could be that your NT login does not have rights on the SQL server or database or the SQL Server is not set up for Mixed Authentication. 

    If these are setup then you may need to reboot the server.  We have hasd this happen where the SQL Server will not authenticate NT Users because it has gotten out of sync with the domain.

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