Connection Problem To Oracle Database

  • Please advice.


    I run a SQL3K SP3 on a WIN2K SP4 in an active/active Failover cluster.

    Linked server was created to an Oracle databse using Oracle 9i client and MS OLEDB Provider. The error below was generated when running a query from QA.

    Error 7399 OLE DB Provider MSDAORA  reported an error OLE DB error trace OLE/DB provider 'MSDASQL' IDBInitialize::Initialize returned 0x80004005:

    However on failover to the secondary node the error seems to dissapper. The error occurs on either node intermittently and the temp relief is to failover to the other node. Please help.



  • Haven't seen this anywhere. It sounds like an issue with the Oracle driver from MS, you might need to contact them.

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