Connecting to SSAS in a different domain

  • We need to pull some numbers off of an SSAS server in a different domain from ours. For most users, I've set them up with the ability to open Excel using their credentials in that domain. Now the powers that be would like us to post some numbers into a report in Reporting Services. The others have opened access to msmdpump.dll and if I create a data source in SSRS with it we're good. But we're going to need to join it to our relational database. I figured that creating a linked server using msmdpump.dll would work fine like it does in SSRS but I can't seem to get it to work.

    Has anyone had success creating a linked server using the web exposed msmdpump.dll OR with an SSAS server in a different domain?

  • Hey Ian, did you ever find a solution to this?

  • Hey, our solution ended up being having a team of people who build reports take it on as a task on their side to pull numbers that they then feed into SQL Server for us. We also got access to the underlying data for some of the stuff in the cube. But unfortunately, we weren't able to make a linked server from a cube in another domain.

  • Thanks a million for the respons.

    We have considered rewritng reports and handeling incomming user authentication via a custom authentication on the ssrs server.

    Our alternative is to move the ssas into the external domain and then push it into a locked down network which only allows very specific traffic from the external dc and the ssrs server in the dmz.

    and allowing sql auth to the internal sql servers with limited firewall rules.

    Both solutions has security implications but will solve the issue we hope.

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