Connect to Sybase with a Linked Server

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  • Bonjour

    can you write a similar post on how to create a linked server to Progress ?

  • Am I the only one who really hates dealing with linked servers?

    To me hey just seem slow and problematic and modt developers don't know how to query them properly with openquery.

  • Another place to download drivers - (I used SQL Anywhere 12).

    Then for a linked server you can use provider string as Provider=SAOLEDB.12; Eng =DBName; Uid =user; Pwd =password; Links =tcpip(Host=MachineName);

    Go to the linked server properties, Server Options, set RPC in and RPC out to true.

    In Linked Servers\Providers right click on SAOLEDB.12, check Allow Inprocess.

    After that you can browse the linked server catalogs.

    Or you can use Sybase Central (the shortcuts appears on your desktop after the driver installation) and use an ODBC source to connect. Create ODBC source with SQL Anywhere driver, action = Connect to a running database on another computer, Host = MachineName, Server name = DBName. From there you can see all DB objects and ER Diagram or run interactive SQL.

  • I do like the option of using provider strings over ODBC DSN's when connecting to ODBC data sources a lot better.  It puts everything in one place and if you are doing SSIS development, you just need to have the drivers and not all of those DSN's.

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